Human-Connection: Interview with CEO and Founder Dennis Hack

The development of Human-Connection is crowd-funded.
How is the live version going to be financed? (Support, Servers, etc.)

Dennis Hack

Human Connection is officially accepted as charitable and will be carried by community donations. In addition to that there are many financing-pillars. Not only the community is invited to support Human Connection, but also companies will soon be able to support HC via a special sponsoring-/partnerprogram called “Clock of Change”. Moreover we run a small Fanshop.

However, the product, so the network itself is our focus first of all: If it works as planned, the value and benefits will be recognized and HC will be capable to finance itself through its happy users.
If the product is bad, with too many technical errors or too high server costs the project will fail. But the good news is: the current Alpha-testversion is build on a super fast chassis and feels awesome already.

To accomplish the basis we set a minimum financing goal of 360.000 EUR for this year. For now we reached almost one third and found over one thousand monthly Donators. From May on our spendings will be at around 30.000 EUR. So for now we are living from our previous crowdfundings. A race against time. Our goal to set the beta version online this autumn lies in considering of our current financing state in a far distance. To make really fast progress with such a project it would take round about 600.000 EUR a year. In translation: a few more specialists in the IT array like softwaredevelopment/programming.

One must consider we are fusioning a social network, a knowledge network and an action network with a completly own designed userinterface under one roof. The lawyer is not even calculated yet.
Long term short, Human Connection is from people for people; a big dream of a truly better world, in wich everybody is invited to participate.

USERS: 1.575
POSTS: 2.628COMMENTS: 7.714
Date: 26.04.2018 – 09.10pm

38% of 30.000 EUR ACCOMPLISHED!
11.477,00 EUR of 30.000 EUR
(min. Financinggoal/month)
Date: 26.04.2018 – 06.15am

Narcissism is a controversial topic in social networks.
Aspecially the younger generation is endangered to internalize questionable values through massiv self-exposure and self-expression. What is HC´s opinion on that?

THANKS for mentioning this. An example about it: Do we need a “like”- button when we share posts with our friends? What if we had the choice to turn this function off? On Human Connection we ask this and many more questions to our users and most likely this will have a dawn on the majority of them. Because do we really have a need for “Likes” or might it be much more “adult-like” to turn this function off? So those who want to prevent the digital-dopamine-trip will just deactivate this feedback opportunity in his or her settings. Furthermore we rate posts with a megaphone (“Shouts”) instead of likes to underline the importance of an information. All in one this also just harmonises more with the character of a social knowledge- and action-network.

To come back to the question though: Who was there before?
The narcissism or the comment-section?
Sometimes one might think the last one.

If you had to describe the essence of Human-Connection in three words, what would they be?

Serving all people.

How is HC going to protect itself from extremistic content? Where will be the red line? How do you want to achieve a hate-, violence- and exclusionfree network?

There are provisions by law, company rules and uncountable technical Possibilities. But let´s begin at the start:
The servers are located in germany and are not only under control of
the german datasecurity laws, but also under the german law itself. If you mean accusable content with extremistic content, then they will be deleted and maybe even reported to official agencys.

The finance agency is continously investigating Human Connection in matter of charitability.
Everything aims at this trait and so its entire functions are aligned for it.
This excludes many disagreeable participants and groups of interests from the beginning. Political parties included. We are focusing us espeacially with the Action-Button always on Non-Profits and charitable organisations.

The whole thing will be moderated by the community and not through employees. Here we already have the preparation for base-democratic decisions on board. Therefore we are currently setting up the system step by step.

Like already mentioned above, there are uncountable technical possibilities:
For example you can switch off the comment function but an other user can still formulate a contra-argument via the VERSUS-gadget wich the community may rate. Human Connection is equipped with fitting rules in every spot. But this is just an element with wich we want to create a better social atmosphere.

An example: We had to laugh when we came up with the idea to implement a tiny tank-emoji with a knot in its tube and a sweet “MAKE LOVE NOT WAR”-painting several weeks ago, to add it to our previous emoji collection. So one can remind those who might slighly forget the value of peace from time to time of the Human Connection goals. We think that it´s nifty and kind at the same time.

There are numerous options to bring people together in a better way. Commercial networks are living from the livetime and the time spent with arguing in the comments so to say. Private conflicts just cost unnecessary money for us. So we must prevent them out of economical matters.
And did you ever think about how many atmoic power plants one could shut down, if we would disable the comment function on facebook?

In the end it´s not about if you can make a better social gathering,
but if you want to.

To close it with a comparing metaphor: Jean-Claude Juncker once said:
“We conclude something, place it in the room and wait for a while what happens. If there won´t be any riots, because the majority does not even understand what is beeing concluded, then we will continue – step by step until theres is no going back.”
-in The Brussels Republic, Der Spiegel, December 27th 1999.
(analogous translation)

At Human Connection it works “similar”:
We have great charitable ideas and transfer them into practical functoinality. We test them with the users, invistigate if the system runs smoothly, if everyone understands what is happening and everyone is satisfied with it. Afterwards we align it with the laws and the charitability und release it officially. Step-by-step. Until the network is ready and unfolds its effects in a whole. For the first world-peace.

That´s a plan, isn´t it?!

Propaganda and “FakeNews” are increasing problems, particular on the internet. While the network is growing these difficulties will raise, too. How can I as a user protect myself from aimed desinformation on HC?

In generall: With a healthy mind. AND: The Human Connection tools will support us very good in this case. At Human Connection we are ALL against Fakenews and we will pull them apart systematically.

Other charitable organisations shall also find a platform in Human Connection. Will these organisations be checked to prevent abuses?
Wich organisations have already joined?

The network is not really useable for organisations, yet.
Therefore it takes a more progressed state of development.
Our meassure is the UN-charta and the own company rules,
preserved by the community-moderation. As an example:
How shall Human Connection proof if a registered non-profit organisation in Kambodsha does what it´s supposed to do?

Transperency is the keyword. Later on we will provide tools that will make it difficult for questionable organisations to last long “undercover” on Human Connection. To accomplish this we will link every post naming the organisation in the entire network to the organisations profil. Like this we create maximized transparency, so the user recieves particular backround

So the Action-Button, wich leads from information to action will be turned around to an “Infobutton”: One comes from the action/organisation to the reasons and finds out more about the organisation on your own. We are building topical bridges/links in both directions to show connections automatically. So a registered organisation exposes itself. Fully automatic. Human Connection can be an eternal advertisement or a permanent shitstorm. We expect something like a self-cleaning-effect, because that´s an unattractive concept for corrupt organisations by nature. The devil just won´t step into a church to drink holy water, right?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. There´s much competition ahead.
Or do you see yourself in a more monopolistic position, aiming at your interpretation and conversion of a social network?

There is a very big differnece between commercial and charitable networks. If Facebook would copy the Human Connection functions,
their entire buisness plan might be gone. It´s about nothing less than the own lifespan. In combination with the tools Human Connection will provide, it is the uniqueness of the developed userinterface. In comparison with what is awaiting us on Human Connection, Facebook and Co. are only Matchbox-cars, while we will be driving fully-outfitted from one Mountain to another. So who cares about a monopole-position or status when you just drive the better ride?!

Particular in connection with narcissism social networks have a potential of addiction. How do you want to handle this? Are you going to support this behaviour or will you advice a proper way of usage?

We all became degenerated dopamine-controlled rats, clicking buttons and turning wheels, to get the kick we need. Of Course it belongs to our mission to stop this waste of time/addiction. It logically results out of the Human Connection buisness plan or more specifically our philisophy:
Because we dont do advertising, every user who spends too much time on the network costs us unnecesarry money. So our wish is to bring the user from the digital level to the real world as fast as possible. OFFLINE. It´s called Human Connection and not Digital Connection.

Where does Human Connection want to be in five years?

As Welcome-Page in millions of browsers. Worldwide.

Can one support you in other ways, beside donations?

Tell everyone about Human Connection and ask if they want to join.
And by working on the code if you have javaScript skills.

You should join Human Connection, if …

You have Internet.

You should not join Human Connection, if …

You want to become the leader of a nation.
At Human Connection we want to live Base-Democracy.
One human, one voice.

Are there any rolemodels you orientate youself on?
Like a person, an organisatio, an idea or whatever.

There is the ultimate truth in the universe and everybody knows it. It´s the law of love:
One cannot betrait love. One cannot hurt somebody and feel good from the heart afterwards. Love follows a harmony and it is up to us to accept this truth. You will just put on more and more masks during your life and disconnect with yourself, with your heart, if you don´t. In the long run this self-deception will make you sick; mentally and physically. You just can´t stand in front of a pile of shit and claim it´s tasty strawberries.

“Everything that serves people” is not a matter of opinion, but one of logic and deep in our hearts we all know about it, don´t we?

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