The Most Personal Thing

How does the color green look like?

As we can´t answer this alleged simple question objectively,
we neither can describe anything happening within us properly.
Even though we can empahtize with other beings – sorry if you are a psychopath – we can never be certain about their true perception.

Your inner being

Lately the weather here in Germany is magnificent.
It´s only feburary and we almost have twenty degrees.

I always wonder about the astonishing influence this change
of seasons has onto my mood.
I might be stuck in traffic,
working overtime hours, doesn´t matter,
if the first warm sunrays breach through the clouded sky it´s
like I could take on anything. Truly uplifting!

And the most wonderful aspect of it :

Life itself is speaking to us,
whispering its best regards for a new season of bloom
while waking up nature.

It´s the ciiiiiircle, the ciiiiircle of Life!

So do I have an impact on my sentiments myself at all?
Or am I just a Pinball, responding to the course I´m kicked along?

Sometimes it seems like I can´t give a reason for
my own feelings.

How can I actually be certain about my own perception?

A Glimpse into Unconciousness

Advertisements, stores and media are using psychologic
tools to convey subliminal messages right into our
lower conciousness. Probably it´s not as bad as in John Carpenter´s movie “They Live” from 1988 but it´s not that far-fetched.

They Live, produced by Larry J. Franco (1988)

Be it a smell, a particular image or just SEX, SEX, SEX that is aimed at us to make our wallets a little thinner.

Those mechanics are very well researched.
But it´s like with a magictrick:
If you know how it works, it will lose its attraction.

In his book “Thinking fast and slow” Daniel Kahneman elaborated the fallacies of the human mind very precisely.

An effect called ‘priming’ can make you move like an old person, a certain pair of eyes in a picture impacts your generosity and you tend to buy soap when you have filthy thoughts.

These and more bizarr consequenzes are scientifically proven.
And it happens without you having a clue!

Seems like the certainty of my perception is shrinking more and more.

Invaders Go Home!

I assume we all want to be the free, autonomous humans we think we are.
So what to do to keep those sneaky invaders out our heads?
Well, to uncover those manipulating schemes is one way to buy less soap.

Times Square, New York

But can we then be sure about the source and value of our feelings, emotions and thoughts? Probably not.

A more promising method is to observe your mind and to practice…


Eckart Tolle was the first spiritual teacher and author I encountered when my affaction for spirituality came up.
And the first realization he conveyed to me was:

You are not your mind.

The mind is a tool most of us aren´t very adept with.
It´s not like we all suck at math (Hi!)
or we´re not able to comprehend complex tasks.
Rather we are not capable to just stop our mind working.

The most powerful jack-hammer would make you sick,
if it´d never stop hammering, right?

A Joke-telling Mind

The majority of our inner discrepancies are the results of a collaboration between the mind and the notorious ego.

I honestly suggest you to read Eckart Tolle to find out more about those subjects!

Illusions everywhere!

So I´m practicing awareness and what can I say?
Sometimes I just have to laugh randomly
when I notice my mind talking.

It´s hilorious how it sneaks up to throuw in some ridicolous thoughts and pretends to be me.

Sometimes it´s disturbing as well.

Thus I am confident to understand my perception some day.


The good thing is that you don´t need anything to work out your awareness and you can do it basically always.

Here´s a list of exercises i enjoy :

  • perceive all colors you see
  • hear every sound surrounding you
  • feel your body from within (my favorite)
  • try to not judge about anything
  • memorize repeating unintentional thoughts
  • be honest with yourself
  • be grateful

Let me know your mind-workout-plan or if you
think those tipps were helpful.


  1. Very interesting post Chris 🙂 To avoid getting lost in the never enough mentality, awareness is key 🙂 The exercises you suggested are a wonderful starting point to cultivate it 🙂 And, as you mentioned, I would also highly recommend reading the books of Eckart Tolle, he is so inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing the link to the post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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