What A Name Can´t Say

Do you remember the pure curiosity and enthusiasm you felt when you was thrown into this world?

Me neither.
But no doubt we all felt it. Even Squidward did, I suppose.

So what turned baby-you and baby-me into bored, unimpressed “adults”?

A Child´s Magic

While getting comfortable with the spacesuit, our body,
everything we encounter is unlabeled, an exploration,
a supernova of experiences.

“Uh, what´s this?” is what´s going on in our infant brains 24/7.
There is probably no greater craving than a child´s obesession with learning.

Due to this compelling “need-to-know” ambition
we were able to imitate and finally internalize how to speak
and handle a tremendously complex language.
Without any lesson! Just by the power of will.

Basically we were adorable vacuum cleaners, mercilessly sucking up any bit of knowledge we could find, stuffing our mental drawers.

In the first three years we learn more than in the entire rest of our lifes!

The More You Know…

As we are busy with mastering ourselves and comprehending the outer-world
it doesn´t matter that this massive, calmly persisting, graceful appearing and seemingly singing being is called…tree.

That this shapeless thing that appears to be anything it wants to be,
even disappears every once in a while or becomes sad and cries all over us was titled ‘cloud’ and is nothing more than some vaporized water.

That the majestic, creation beholding, warmth donating orb, which you loved to draw with a smiling visage, is just one of a gazilion blazing spheres of gas hovering above our intellectual heads from which we believe three letters are enough to describe it.

We didn´t need to classify, label or name things.
The experience awaiting us was the only motivating force that led us.

But we all had to grow up. Sooner or later…
And along with the progress of our linguistic and mental skills comes an increasing preference to sepereate the world in well-arranged drawers.

Soon we´ve gathered a cabinet full of them and every known item has its place.
Stereotypes are built, attaching prejudices and claims to our simplified mental cosmos.
All the equipment we need to compare the hell out of our lifes.

However our education would look like, this process is
probably inevatible.
Unless we learn to be the master of our mind
instead of being dominated by it.

But after all you can´t deny that no word,
nor a name can describe anything in its full nature.
How could it though? Nothing equals anything.
There is uniqueness in everything.
Life is embraced diversity.


So labeling is just normal and appropriate, right?
Well, in some ways, yes.
But in more ways…

Why is Mr. Carell so pissed?

Because of the insane way we utilize the dividing power of names.
Mr. Carell doesn´t like divison!

Either it´s us calling ourselves Leftists, Rightists, Capitalists,
Communists, Believers, Atheists, Republicans, Democrats or whatever.
Just to let everyone know that our perspective is so limited
that we proudly dress ourselves in such empty word shells.

Or it´s the other way around: “Look at this *Insert-Classification* scum!”
In this case the issue is even more perverse.
Reducing a living being to the stereotype of an imaginary concept
is indeed a malevolent act, even though it happens unconciously most of the time.

Few, but too many, exploited the generalization of stereotypes
and the mind´s predisposition for it.
The results always were devastating.
Millions of people died.

It´s a game of identification.
Whether you play with yourself or with someone;
it´s never a fair game.

Once again it´s a matter of the ego…


Hence it seems like we´re having progression and regression at the same time while we are growing up.

One the one hand we are developing a super effective mind,
which is capable to solve the most complicated problems and
to adapt immediately to new circumstances.

And on the other hand we have a decreasing understanding, appreciation and enthusiasm for the simlpe fact of BEING here.
In other words: A decreasing conciousness.

Is this just the way things go?
Or are we missing something out?

Body, mind, conciousness. Trinity?
Might it be neccessary to practice our conciousness just like
we have to lift weights to improve our body?

Use it or lose it.

Tightrope Walk

It´s a narrow path we must wander to understand and appreciate the uniqueness and variety of every single thing without losing ourselves in rigid concepts about how things are.

So how could a holistic education look like?
If the average level of conciousness is degenerated,
or rather distorted, how far can we go with an unveiled one?

Apparently we only enhance the plane,
but forget to train the pilot.

Let´s go back to manual and release our inner childs.


  1. Wonderful post Chris! 🙂 For a very long time I was also not aware of constantly labeling everything, until I read Eckart Tolle’s books 🙂 It’s amazing how lost we can get in our minds without even realizing it, confusing the reality with what we think it is… I really like a common analogy that is used: You can know everything conceptually about honey (how it looks like, where it comes from, how it is produced, it’s color, and so on…) but you will never REALLY KNOW it until you experience it, tasting it. Same is true with life 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Giulia! 🙂
      Yes, it´s a very sneaky issue…
      It´s like you´ve said: We confuse the concepts of things in our heads
      with how things actually are.
      But all we have are mental blueprints.
      Without those labels and expectations life gets much more exciting.

      That analogy is on point!

      Liked by 1 person

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