A Letter For You

Hello my Dear,

it´s been a while since we´ve met.
I love to remember the time we were together.
A time full dreams and ambitions. You always came up with new ideas.
Sometimes absurd, but you always made them sound plausible.
How thrilled we forged plans under our blanket just to wake up the other day with a new vision of what we wanted to accomplish.
Have you fulfilled some of them? I´m so curious to hear from you!

Unfortunetly you had to leave…
because they expected you to adjust to some kind of pattern,
as you called it. I still don´t know what this meant.
But it seemed to be important so I let you go,
although I couldn´t miss how upset you was.
So I´m sitting here behind a locked door attempting
to reach you once again. I often pretend how it would be if
you would knock on that door. It´s depressing to hear you
only hasting past it. Are you always in a hurry?
Is that what being a grown-up is about?
Then I´m glad I´ll never grow up.
Way to stressful if you ask me…

Sorry, this letter wasn´t meant to be a complaint.
I just miss the old days when we were free and the world was ours.

Even though it´s a little dark and not much to do in here,
my fantasy never bores me. But it´s just not the same without someone
to share it with.

Is it true that most adults do the same things day in, day out?
Well, if so it must be overwhelmingly exciting.
Why else would they choose to do
the same stuff over and over again, right?
Are you one of them? Is that why you´re in a rush all the time?
Because you don´t want to miss any exciting schemes?

Otherwise, if I remember the early days, we never witnessed adults doing cool stuff.
Perhaps they only did when we had to go to bed…

However, I suppose nothing is as thrilling as us losing ourselves in imagination.
Imagine what we could engage if our traites would combine some day.
Your expertise and experience with my impartiality and creativity. WOW!

But until then I´ll be patiently waiting.
Just where you asked me to stay.

I hope you are a satisfied, fulfilled person.
May you always have goals to reach and never stagnate to any challange.

your inner child.

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