Nature: Attempting to Reconnect

It´s a time in which the bigger part of our lives tend to happen online.

A polished social media profil,
games we have to master, thrilling news
or just watching amusing videos for hours and hours.

Modern entertainment knows no boundaries.

A society glued to screens,
paralyzed without WIFI,
suffering from phantom vibration.

Side effects of a technological evolution
or a species dumbing down itself?

Certainly both.

The Price to Pay

Increasing electrosmog due to 5G, omnipresent surveillance
thanks to facial recognition and tracking, virtual and augmented reality
causing the alienation from ‘Real Life’.

While today´s adults and teenagers still grew up without
the continous presence of smartphones and digital entertainment,
children who are born into this technocracy don´t have a chance.

They´ll pay the bill.

They can´t help but adapt to their environment:

“I must know what those things are about Mom and Dad are always busy with!”

Children just imitate.

And they´d do better to imitate the family dog
instead of wiping and button pushing rolemodels.


Disabled Species?

Considering the impairments and ‘trend-illnesses’ like stress, depression and cancer
the modern lifestyle is delivering, it really seems like the human race is malfunctioning.

I mean everyone knows we are poisoning ourselves,
but nevertheless we even keep accelerating in the same direction.
Isn´t that some kind of disorder?

Healing is Easy

To recover from this trip into the digital abyss,
we just have to do one thing:

Go have a date with nature.
Admit that it´s not just something happening outside.
Nothing inside you.

You are nature!
What else could you be?

The power that created all existing things
has manifested itself through yourself and everything you perceive.

And then, when our date went well and we set our priorities straight
we can return to technology with a more reasonable additude.

Until then we should urgently ask ourselves if
the world´s societies are heading towards a promising future.

We could accomplish anything if we´d stop living for fun & games.

How do you see this issue?
Am I overdrawing the problem? Is it even worse?
Have you established any rules in your family life regarding this topic?
Let us know!

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