About the Beast guarding the Exit of the Matrix

The system we´re living in uses multiple methods to warrant its functionality.
Whether by manipulation, deception or seduction. And it works perfectly. Almost.

Now we´ll take a closer look at the guarddog protecting the doors
the Matrix doesn´t want you to open.

So where´s this good boi at?

Well, right here. In front of your screen.

It´s you. Me. Your boss. The mailman. Literally everyone.

We all have this insatiable voice dwelling in our minds,
insisting to watch another episode, to play one more game,
to quickly check the news stream before starting to actually DO stuff.

The question is : How obedient are you?

A Millstone Around Your Neck

Ever thought about how many languages you could´ve learned,
if you would have not listened to that sneaky voice in your head?

Well, be warned:
It´s depressing.

The combination of an ego-driven society and
a cancerous capitalistic economy basically
devours the human being and throws up
narcissistic, if not even psychopathic consumers.

A perfect symbiosis.

To break it down:

The matrix exploits our lowest drives.
To keep us busy the offer is quite infinite.
Unlimited food, sex and entertainment.

Et voila, here we are.

A species whose individuals refuse to look behind the curtain
of the stage they believe their lives are played on.

Because it´s so freaking COMFORTABLE.

And all it costs is half a lifetime of work
and a dumped down understanding of being alive.

Taim the Beast!

Now we could remain in our comfortzone and blame this issue on the system.
The evil seducer!

Or we are honest and realize that many aspects of the Matrix
are just our mirrored, selfish desires. Supply and demand.

It´s up to us to develop the necessary disciplin
and simply stop participating.

The doggy only barks. It won´t bite.

Let´s just pass the doors.

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