The most Mysterious Experiment in modern Physics!

I suppose we all know those moments when we´re about to do something we´re actually pretty good at, but fail miserably only because someone is watching us.

Like driving backwards into a parking place with your crush next to you.

Or presenting a newly learned skill you´ve been so good at when you tried it alone by yourself.

The infamous Demo Effect.

Now what if I told you that nature seems to have similar problems with
being itself while it´s being observed?

Nature´s Demo Effect –
I can´t when you´re watching!

The experiment baffling scientists since 1802 (Thomas Young)
received the unspectecular name ‘Doubleslit Experiment’.
Firstly its purpose was to prove the
charakter of light in terms of its movement.

The question to be solved was: Wave or Particle?

What Thomas Young and many others after him came to find out however,
arose infinitely more questions.

Questions that should not be asked in science.

Check out those two videos (5min each) in which this mystery
is being presented. Not explained. Since there is no logical explanation.

The Fashion of Light

What is Nature hiding?

Well, to be honest “I can´t when you´re watching.” doesn´t seem to fit anymore, right?

A more accurate personification of nature´s confusing businesses
would probably be “I don´t want to when you´re watching!”

But why?

Why does the processing of information has any impact on the bahaviour of
light? This strange occurance is a contradiction to everything that was
assumed to be known about the charakter of it.

A common interpretation of this experiment is that conciousness itself
manipulates the happenings in the quantum world.

A world in which the usual laws of physics do not apply.
Chaos and the potential for literally anything is ruling this realm of the tiniest.


Does the presence of conciousness alter the fashion of nature
or did we discover a border, nature (or God?) doesn´t want us to cross?

Does conciousness bring order into the chaos?
Is conciousness thus neccesarry to make our reality work?

Isn´t this a proof that conciousness dwells in everything?
I mean something else has to be aware of the fact that a processing
observer is partaking, which then leads to an alteration of the behaviour.

Regarding Einstein´s quote about this experiment,
does the rest of the world exist when we´re NOT perceiving it?

What is reality when there are obviously at least two versions of it?
What can we actually know when truth seems to depend on the eyes
of a beholder?


I don´t dare to know what in the name of God is going on.
Right here. Right now. Always.

But being aware of such (not-)discoveries has something up-lifting to it for me.

It adds some magic to a reality in which everyone is being told how things
work, what to believe in and what to condemn.

‘I don´t know’ is certainly a much more powerful realization than ‘I do know.’

Besides the headache this issue might cause,
I really hope it made you wonder first of all.

Thank you for reading!

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