Pandemic Over Protest – 01.08.2020 Berlin, Germany – Impressions

On Saturday the first of August 2020 thousands of people were demonstrating in Berlin, Germany.

But what for? Or against?
Well, to formulate the one demand they all had in common is quiet tough.
And I really don´t want to speak for them all…

Nevertheless I allow myself to claim that a certain level of discontentment regarding the measurs and coverage of the Corona Virus and its resulting policies was, and probably still is, their connecting link.

I was on site and captured the scene, talked to people and experienced this remarkably peaceful protest myself.

So enough words for now.
Here are some images and a video I edited, showing the highlights of my visit in Berlin.

I will give my own opinion, as well as a comparison with the Mainstream Media narrative in a later video. Subscribe if you are interested!

The given opinions do not necessarily resemble my own.

Never again facism

Stop warmongering

Banish atmoic weapong from germany

Smash Pharma cartels

Is my freedom a body? Do borders know peace?


Here is the Democracy!

We want to survive the corona measurments


Imagine a pandemic and noone´s sick… THOUGHTS ARE FREE!!

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