Imageraza is all about ‘The Matrix’ , the status quo.

Not the movie, nor the band.

Rather the operating system nearly the entire civilization is running on.
A reality we created within actual reality.

But who am I talking to? Most likely you´re already aware of this issue. Like many others, too.

And have you ever met someone adoring this system?

No doubt those kind of people exist.
They are the ones who profit from the matrix,
from the game we confuse with life. From this perversion.

However, I´m convinced that the vast majority is pretty frustrated about it.
Even though unconciously yet.

So what can we do about this?
Should we continuously blame them and expect betterment?
Fight them? Proclaim a clash of classes?

I don´t think so. Those are just the same methods the system utilizes.

If we want true improvement in any array we have to reimagine everything.
Tabula Rasa.

Nevertheless it´s important to understand how the matrix works.
Which physical and especially psychological mechanics are being used.

Because most of the matrix is happening in our heads.

Hence Imageraza will focus on :

  1. Aspects of the Matrix (How does it work?)
  2. How to exit the Matrix (Decrease its impact, gain independence)
  3. Renegades of the Matrix (Visionaries and their ideas)
  4. Alternative Concepts of anything (Contribute your thoughts)

Whatever lead you to question the system, I suppose you´re on the right track and Imageraza might be an interesting project for you.

Now, if you´re curious, check out whose words and thoughts you just read.

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