Who´s Writing?

So you´d like to know who you are dealing with, hm?

Okay, since this project is not meant to be about myself,
let´s make this quick.

My name is Chris and if you have watched a video of mine
you might have noticed (I hope not) a german accent.

And somehow I ended up starting a project called “Imageraza”.
This is what it´s ABOUT.

Though, ‘somehow’ is a quite lazy explanation, don´t you think?
However, reconstructing my life until I came up with Imageraza would be a slight overkill.
I wouldn´t be capeable of doing so either.

Facts are: I am here writing these lines and you are elsewhere reading them.
And I think that´s wonderful. Whether you´ll stay or not.
There´s a sweet melancholy about it.

BUT I should at least clearify my perspective on certain subjects and terms.

When I´m talking about :


I mean the concious perception of one´s inner and outer world.
The exploration of conciousness itself and hence growing from it.

I think a global growth in spirituality is essential if we want to overcome
the massive problems our species is facing.

I am not a guru, neither illuminated, nor will or can I teach you anything!

This matter is certainly the most intimate subject there is.
Besides your browser history.

And thus everyone should find their own meaning for it.

All I´ll do is offering ideas and perspectives which never claim to be the truth.

The System

it will usually appear in a negative tone.
I will question institutions, believes, functions and issues that are generally perceived as ‘normal’. Because that´s what they are. Absolutely normal.

I won´t do this to offend anyone,
but solely in an attempt to break the bubble we all were born into.

Moreover I am convinced that the fewest functionaries
of the matrix have in fact evil intentions.
Rather they comply to expectations and social pressure.
Just like the rest of us.

And most importantly Imageraza is not supposed to be another blog
convincing you how messed up, irreversibly broken and scheming this world is.

Even though we have to talk about crucial topics
it´s my ambition to create a relieving, optimistic atmosphere.


in whatever context, be sure that I admire mankind.
Despite all trouble, conflicts and questionable behaviors.

Behind this superficial cover hides the potential to accomplish
literally anything. In my opinion.

Most of our struggles are caused by the matrix.
Religions, governments, the financial system.
These are just a few triggers for our difficulties.

Nothing we coudln´t change, get along with or disestablish.

But that´s nothing the system´s education or media will teach us.
The matrix is the materialized ego.
All it wants is to grow and persist.
Being suppressed just doesn´t take place.

That´s it.

Well, I thought this was going to be quick as well…

I hope you now have a clearer view on me, my attitude and Imageraza.

Now it´s your turn.
Introduce yourself and present your perspective onto the matrix, if you like to.

I really hope there will be vivid discussions with critical and especially open minds.

Oh, I almost forgot: I think we never should lose our humour.
Thus some of my content will be as well of the funny kind.


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